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    Ashura Porridge For The Needy

    Let us together make this project a success and obtain great rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.

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    Goal RM3,400.00
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      Earthquake Relief: Food Basket For Surabaya,Indonesia

      Together, we can make a difference and provide critical aid to those facing hardship in the aftermath of this natural disaster.

      Raised RM134.66
      Goal RM5,000.00
      Donor 3

        Support Refugee Women and Children in Malaysia

        Urgent! Without assistance, these women & children will risk exposure and deportation to their devastated home countries. Act now!

        Raised RM2,125.00
        Goal RM9,198.00
        Donor 3

          Wakaf Rumah Anak Yatim Baitul Kasih Baitul Fitrah

          Adakah kita pernah terfikir bagaimana rasanya untuk kehilangan kasih sayang orang tua dan menjadi yatim, terutamanya ketika kita masih kecil dan memerlukan bimbingan serta sokongan mereka?

          Raised RM3,575.00
          Goal RM500,000.00
          Donor 11

            Sponsor Anak Yatim

            Dengan setitik kasih dan sumbangan anda, kita mampu memberikan sinar harapan kepada anak-anak yatim, membuka pintu kepada peluang yang sebelumnya mungkin terasa jauh.

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            Goal RM28,000.00
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              Cataract Surgery For Privileged In Nigeria

              In a world where you can be anything, be someone's reason to see the world with new eyes. Support our mission to brighten lives.

              Raised RM331.00
              Goal RM6,570.00
              Donor 5

                Sponsor Maryam

                Kenya's orphaned children are resilient, hopeful, and full of potential. Join us in making a profound impact on their lives.

                Raised RM101.00
                Goal RM4,920.00
                Donor 2

                  Sponsor Shareefu

                  The orphans of Uganda deserve a chance at a brighter tomorrow, and it's within our power to make that a reality.

                  Raised RM2,606.00
                  Goal RM6,946.00
                  Donor 4

                    Sponsor Sadik

                    Orphans in Cambodia have the strength to overcome their challenges, but they need our support. Be the change they need.

                    Raised RM21.00
                    Goal RM3,439.00
                    Donor 1

                    Why ForNeedy?

                    We choose ForNeedy to make the people in need feels that this platform belongs to them and they can come to us at anytime to seek for a helping hand. Furthermore, the word Needy is somehow familiar to the poor and people in need.
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                    ForNeedy Highlights


                    Youth can give a great impact in developing community. NeedyRiser is the Volunteering program to encourage youths to actively participate in the humanitarian project.


                    NeedyOrphans is the special program drafted to help the orphanages in taking care of the orphans. The importance of this program is to encourage the community to support the orphanages.


                    Instead of giving the fish, it is important to provide them with a fishing rod. NeedyEntrepreneur program can help the needy to generate their own income so they can survive by their own.


                    Many poor families in the designated area and the developed city have no proper houses and some are even homeless. NeedyShelter is an initiative to make sure that every family has a proper shelter and live in a safe place.


                    Food shortage is very severe in certain area in the world. Some even suffer from acute malnutrition which can cause death. With NeedyKitchen we are keen to supply nutritious meals to the people in need all around the world.


                    Education Is Every Child’s Right. Through NeedyEducation we will make sure that every kid have access to education by providing education materials, building schools and encouraging the kids to seek for knowledge.