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    Hot Iftar Meals And Ramadan Food Baskets For The Earthquake Survivors

    Around 41,000 people have died as a result of the disaster, which has wreaked havoc on both Turkey and the neighboring country of Syria. Many survivors are now homeless in the bitterly cold winter weather.

    Raised RM226.00
    Goal RM10,000.00
    Donor 6

      100 Iftar Meals A Day And 1000 Food Basket For Poor Families In Malaysia

      Ramadan, the month of giving is coming and it is the best time for us to share with the needy. ForNeedy will always be the bridge for you and the people in need.

      Raised RM2,830.00
      Goal RM51,000.00
      Donor 6

        Emergency Appeal For Earthquake Victims In Turkey And Syria

        Measuring 7.8  on the Richter scale, first earthquake struck at 4:17 am while most were sleeping. Just nine hours later, a second 7.5 magnitude quake hit.

        Raised RM600.00
        Goal RM10,000.00
        Donor 2

          Winter Relief 2023 “Keep Them Warm”

          The arrival of the winter season and the strong cold waves has caused tragic death to the displaced families in the IDP camps.

          Raised RM42.00
          Goal RM10,000.00
          Donor 2

            Help Muhamad To Continue His Study In IIUM

            I humbly request your attention to help me to settle my tuition fees and graduate (InshaAllah) so I can support my struggling family.

            Raised RM3,820.00
            Goal RM12,166.00
            Donor 41

              Urgent Flood Relief For Pakistan

              Resurgence of strong monsoon currents and increased thunderstorms are forecast across Pakistan, mostly affecting areas in the south. The severe adverse weather has resulted in the deaths of at least 800 people, including children and women.

              Raised RM1,312.00
              Goal RM10,000.00
              Donor 20

                Waqf Water Pump In Bangladesh

                Water Pump is the most economical and simple solution for providing a collective supply of water in the camps.

                Raised RM1,830.00
                Goal RM10,000.00
                Donor 12

                  Milk Support For Malnourished Infant And Young Child In Yemen

                  A proper care for the children needs could give a huge different for their growth and especially important for Yemen’s children as they are known to suffer from acute malnutrition.

                  Raised RM6,393.00
                  Goal RM30,800.00
                  Donor 38

                    Feed The Hunger With RM17

                    According to the World Bank, every percentage point increase in food prices will push an additional 10 million people into extreme poverty

                    Raised RM6,326.00
                    Goal RM8,500.00
                    Donor 20

                    Why ForNeedy?

                    We choose ForNeedy to make the people in need feels that this platform belongs to them and they can come to us at anytime to seek for a helping hand. Furthermore, the word Needy is somehow familiar to the poor and people in need.
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                    ForNeedy Highlights


                    Youth can give a great impact in developing community. NeedyRiser is the Volunteering program to encourage youths to actively participate in the humanitarian project.


                    NeedyOrphans is the special program drafted to help the orphanages in taking care of the orphans. The importance of this program is to encourage the community to support the orphanages.


                    Instead of giving the fish, it is important to provide them with a fishing rod. NeedyEntrepreneur program can help the needy to generate their own income so they can survive by their own.


                    Many poor families in the designated area and the developed city have no proper houses and some are even homeless. NeedyShelter is an initiative to make sure that every family has a proper shelter and live in a safe place.


                    Food shortage is very severe in certain area in the world. Some even suffer from acute malnutrition which can cause death. With NeedyKitchen we are keen to supply nutritious meals to the people in need all around the world.


                    Education Is Every Child’s Right. Through NeedyEducation we will make sure that every kid have access to education by providing education materials, building schools and encouraging the kids to seek for knowledge.