About Us

ForNeedy is a non-profit organization register under Registrar Of Society (ROS) Malaysia with registered name Pertubuhan Lil Muhtaj Malaysia (ForNeedy Association Malaysia) and registration number PPM-022-14-09022021

Our Mission

We aim to go global so we can reach more kind-hearted people and no dying soul will be left out

Behind Our Logo

Our logo explained everything about us, the value that we want to spread, and the reason we establish this platform

ForNeedy Crowdfunding Platform

We started ForNeedy to make it possible for everyone to reach unfortunates with just a simple click whenever needed and wherever they are

ForNeedy Highlights

ForNeedy Highlights is the project that focuses to fulfill the basic needs of the needy people as well as encourage the needy to be sustainable in Entrepreneur support programs



Recognitions and recommendations from official authorities

Our integrity and professionalism are acknowledged by the local authorities and institutions in all countries that we work with

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