Help Us To Complete The First Madrasa In Lok Kurai, Sabah

    This madrasah would be the first madrasah in Lok Kurai that will be open for free to the children and elderly for Islamic teaching.

    Raised RM1,350.00
    Goal RM10,410.00
    Donor 11

      Waqf Water Pump In Bangladesh

      Water Pump is the most economical and simple solution for providing a collective supply of water in the camps.

      Raised RM1,800.00
      Goal RM10,000.00
      Donor 11

        Milk Support For Malnourished Infant And Young Child In Yemen

        A proper care for the children needs could give a huge different for their growth and especially important for Yemen’s children as they are known to suffer from acute malnutrition.

        Raised RM5,621.80
        Goal RM30,800.00
        Donor 23

          Support Education Of Refugee Children In Bangladesh

          Education is a life-saving, life-sustaining, life-transforming, life-long process that lays the groundwork for children's future success.

          Raised RM210.00
          Goal RM22,000.00
          Donor 4

            The best Sadaqah Campaign-Waqf Water

            With a donation of $100, you can provide lifetime safe drinking water for 50 individuals. With $300, you can provide water for 150 people

            Raised RM35,144.39
            Goal RM30,000.00
            Donor 2

              Help this Hopeless and Homeless Moroccan mother to go back to her Family

              This is a heartbreaking story of a hopeless mother and her newborn son in dire need of financial help to flee the streets

              Raised RM35,852.87
              Goal RM30,000.00
              Donor 1

                A hard-working Moroccan father threatened by jail due to debt

                There is a huge reward for those who pay for a vulnerable in debt person's debt or forgive and write off for someone who owes them money.

                Raised RM15,680.64
                Goal RM15,000.00
                Donor 1

                  Feed The Hunger With RM17

                  According to the World Bank, every percentage point increase in food prices will push an additional 10 million people into extreme poverty

                  Raised RM6,299.00
                  Goal RM8,500.00
                  Donor 18

                    Share Your Sacrifice With The Poor Palestinian In Al-Quds

                    Your udhahiy will be distributed to the poor Palestinians in Al-Quds. 80% of the people in Al-Quds live in poverty

                    Raised RM50.00
                    Goal RM4,950.00
                    Donor 1

                      Share Your Sacrifice With Single Mothers, Students And Poor Families In Uganda

                      Your udhahiy will be distributed to the Single Mothers, Students And Poor Families In Uganda.

                      Raised RM50.00
                      Goal RM3,115.00
                      Donor 1

                        Share Your Sacrifice With The Unfortunate In Pakistan

                        Your udhahiy will be distributed to the poor in the fisherman village in Pakistan. In Pakistan, more than 2 million individuals have slipped into poverty.

                        Raised RM0
                        Goal RM4,095.00
                        Donor 0

                          Share Your Sacrifice With The Poor Minority Muslims In Cambodia

                          Your udhahiy will be distributed to the poor minority families in Cambodia who are are struggling to make ends meet.

                          Raised RM0
                          Goal RM3,465.00
                          Donor 0