A hard-working Moroccan father threatened by jail due to debt

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Debt is an obligation in Islam that is required to be acted upon, return on time, every Muslim needs to take the matter of debt very seriously, and it is recommended for Muslims to avoid it as much as possible.

There is a huge reward for those who pay for a vulnerable in debt person’s debt or forgive and write off for someone who owes them money.

 The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever grants relief to a debtor or absolves his debt, he will be in the shade of the Throne on the Day of Resurrection.”

What happened?


We at ForNeedy knew brother Abdu-Rahman for a long time, he is a hard-working father who has a great reputation of honesty and trustworthiness, he never hesitated when asked to help us in applying charity campaigns in his region. Once COVID-19 came and like many, it was a struggle for the brother to pay back his suppliers on time, maintain his family’s spendings, contribute to his parents’ livelihood among other things. Brother Abdu-Rahman has dramatically increased his working hours in an attempt to rescue himself and his dependents from this unfortunate situation and pay his overdue debts. Sadly, his sales volume never recovered, and the suppliers – after being patient for a while – are now threatening him to submit his checks to the bank which will cause him to go to jail and leave all his dependents with no one to provide for them!

Abdu-Rahman sold his refrigerator car which was the main medium of his work as a food distributor, he also asked for all his friends and family’s help, but all that he got only covered about 30% of his total debts…

After hitting a wall, the brother was very hesitant before asking for your help, he provided us with soft copies of the checks and papers in his suppliers’ hands..

What does he need?


Abdu-Rahman overdue debts amount to $13.500, by this campaign, we hope we can cover this amount and also -if possible- purchase a small fridge car for him to restart fresh and continue his profession. The car’s price is about $6700. Which makes this humanitarian project’s target to be $20.200.

As you know debtors are one of the seven Zakat beneficiaries stated in the Quran, you are highly encouraged to give your Zakat to your Muslim brother who we hope to see back here in the role of a donor before this time next year Insha’Allah

Debt is something very serious in our Deen and my hope is that we can help our brother erasing his remaining debts. May Allaah ta’ala bless you and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contacts us.




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