Aid For Pregnant Women, Children And Babies In Gaza

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The humanitarian situation in Gaza is increasingly critical, and we need to unite to provide the necessary assistance to those most affected. Especially the vulnerable groups in Gaza, namely pregnant women, children, and babies. Difficult living conditions, lack of food, and limited water resources have posed a serious threat to their health.



Pregnant mothers in Gaza face a stressful and anxious situation. The well-being of pregnant women plays an important role in the development of the baby. Therefore, donations to expectant mothers help ensure that they can experience a healthier pregnancy and give the baby the best chance to develop. Furthermore, staff at a hospital in Gaza reported an increase in premature births, miscarriages and newborn deaths as a result of the war, experiencing health problems and depression.





Meanwhile, children and babies are the most affected groups in crisis situations. They are more vulnerable to disease, malnutrition, and emotional trauma. This assistance is not only about providing basic needs, but also about improving their quality of life. Because, pregnant women, children, and babies are often the main victims in crisis situations, especially in conflicts and disasters. They need deep protection and assistance to ensure their lives are protected and restored.



Contributing to the most vulnerable is our humanitarian responsibility. it can be seen that targeting pregnant women, children, and infants is a strategic move that not only helps those individuals, but also forms the basis of social and humanitarian development in the larger community. This aid is not just about giving, but also about building capacity and giving hope to the most vulnerable.



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