Ashura Porridge For The Needy

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Ashura day is approaching and we want to take this opportunity to hold a very meaningful charity activity. We plan to cook Ashura Porridge and distribute it to families, the poor, the poor, and the local community, especially people in Nigeria who are experiencing famine.



In Nigeria, the situation is getting so critical that some of them have to collect weeds and grass to cook or make into soup. How necessary is our help to ease their burden.


Did you know that the practice of feeding on Ashura Day has become a tradition that is highly demanded and recommended in Islam? It is an opportunity for us to share sustenance and happiness with those in need.




For example, with the arrival of the Islamic new year, the local community has welcomed it with various traditions. One of the popular ones is the preparation of Ashura Porridge as a snack in conjunction with celebrating fasting on the 10th of Muharram. Ashura porridge is only prepared at the beginning of the year, which is in the month of Muharram only.





Your contribution is essential to make this project a success. Funds collected will be used to purchase raw materials, cooking equipment, as well as distribution logistics. Every penny you donate will bring smiles and joy to those in need.


Let us together make this project a success and obtain great rewards and blessings from Allah SWT.




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