Help Alhassan Yakubu To Return To Nigeria

    I'm Alhassan Yakubu Abare Doing from Nigeria. I'm currently a PHD student of Bioresource and Technology in University of Technology Malaysia, Serdang.

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      Free Umrah Guidelines App For The Muslim Over The World

      we are building a complete Umrah Guidelines App for the guest of Allah that will visit Mecca and perform their Umrah. This app contains the step-by-step of the Umrah ritual and will be visually translated with Graphic videos of the Umrah simulation.

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        Help Muhamad To Continue His Study In IIUM

        I humbly request your attention to help me to settle my tuition fees and graduate (InshaAllah) so I can support my struggling family.

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          Support Education Of Refugee Children In Bangladesh

          Education is a life-saving, life-sustaining, life-transforming, life-long process that lays the groundwork for children's future success.

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            Waqf An Islamic School For Muslim Children In Senegal

            69% of the total population in Senegal are illiterate in recent years with over 2.7 million children out of school.

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              Support Us To Continue Dakwah In Burundi

              The real challenge for a preacher in da'wah is to preserve the faith of the new Muslims and keep them believing in Allah.

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