Support Education Of Refugee Children In Bangladesh

    Education is a life-saving, life-sustaining, life-transforming, life-long process that lays the groundwork for children's future success.

    Raised RM210.00
    Goal RM22,000.00
    Donor 4

      Waqf An Islamic School For Muslim Children In Senegal

      69% of the total population in Senegal are illiterate in recent years with over 2.7 million children out of school.

      Raised RM1,718.00
      Goal RM10,000.00
      Donor 25

        Support Us To Continue Dakwah In Burundi

        The real challenge for a preacher in da'wah is to preserve the faith of the new Muslims and keep them believing in Allah.

        Raised RM533.00
        Goal RM10,000.00
        Donor 11

          Support A Single Mother To Provide School Equipment

          Raising kids alone is not an easy task for a single mother, Mrs Noraishah but she has no other choice except to give her very best to make sure her kids receive proper education like others do

          Raised RM650.00
          Goal RM3,300.00
          Donor 21

            Support Ahmad Yahia To Acquire His PhD Certificate

            This year is my final year and I shall receive a Ph.D. Certificate in Accounting from University Utara Malaysia. However, I can’t take my scroll unless I pay all the outstanding fees as a final-year student.

            Raised RM3,221.00
            Goal RM3,155.00
            Donor 12

              Waqf Quran For 100 Mosque And Hifz Madrasah In Bangladesh

              One of the most important aspects for the Muslim community at this time is Islamic education

              Raised RM126,484.45
              Goal RM130,000.00
              Donor 134