Eid Clothes For Orphans In Yemen

    Without help, they will continue to live in poverty and hardship, and this also has a negative impact on society as a whole.

    Raised RM101.00
    Goal RM5,000.00
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      Eid Clothes For Orphans In Malaysia

      Your donation will not only make them happy on Eid Fitri, but also give them a valuable experience of human love and kindness.

      Raised RM851.00
      Goal RM4,000.00
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        Eid Clothes For Orphans In Bangladesh

        Support the eid clothes campaign for orphans by donating as much as RM36 or more today. Every donation you make brings joy to them.

        Raised RM360.00
        Goal RM4,000.00
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          Eid Clothes For Orphans In Indonesia

          They will feel happy, grateful, and appreciated because we provide them with raya clothes to brighten up their day.

          Raised RM759.00
          Goal RM4,000.00
          Donor 5