Earthquake Relief: Food Basket For Surabaya,Indonesia

    Together, we can make a difference and provide critical aid to those facing hardship in the aftermath of this natural disaster.

    Raised RM134.66
    Goal RM5,000.00
    Donor 3

      Water Wells for Africa

      Transforming lives in Africa, one well at a time - your support brings clean water, health, and hope to thousands.

      Raised RM106.00
      Goal RM9,000.00
      Donor 2

        Emergency Relief Needed For Rohingya

        Join hands with us as we strive to bring comfort, warmth, and sustenance to the Rohingya community, proving that compassion knows no bounds.

        Raised RM260.00
        Goal RM20,000.00
        Donor 6

          Aid For Pregnant Women, Children And Babies In Gaza

          This aid is not just about giving, but also about building capacity and giving hope to the most vulnerable.

          Raised RM5,000.00
          Goal RM5,000.00
          Donor 1

            Contribution Of Safety Equipment In Gaza

            Let's together bring a ray of hope to the victims of the war in Gaza. Every ringgit makes a real difference.

            Raised RM5,000.00
            Goal RM5,000.00
            Donor 1

              Hygiene Kits for Women in Gaza

              Your time, resources, or expertise can make a significant impact on the lives of women facing adversity in Gaza.

              Raised RM51.00
              Goal RM5,000.00
              Donor 1