Waqf Water Pump In Bangladesh

    Water Pump is the most economical and simple solution for providing a collective supply of water in the camps.

    Raised RM1,830.00
    Goal RM10,000.00
    Donor 12

      The best Sadaqah Campaign-Waqf Water

      With a donation of $100, you can provide lifetime safe drinking water for 50 individuals. With $300, you can provide water for 150 people

      Raised RM35,144.39
      Goal RM30,000.00
      Donor 2

        Feed The Hunger With RM17

        According to the World Bank, every percentage point increase in food prices will push an additional 10 million people into extreme poverty

        Raised RM6,326.00
        Goal RM8,500.00
        Donor 20

          Al-Quds Day- Solidarity For Palestinian To Protect Al-Quds

          To reduce the burden on Palestinian we could send assistance in the means of meals, provide food baskets to the vulnerable and poor families, support the orphans that lost their parents, provide medical support during Israeli attacks, and cash support to the underprivileged.

          Raised RM2,370.00
          Goal RM10,000.00
          Donor 11
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          Sadaqah Water In Yemen On Behalf Of Your Loved One

          When we lose our loved ones, there is nothing that can connect us with them and they would remain in our memories. However, there is something that we can do on behalf of the deceased and keep them being rewarded even after death, it is Sadaqah Jariyah.

          Raised RM30,925.00
          Goal RM10,000.00
          Donor 83

            Needy Bakery: Free Bread For Yemeni Refugees

            Needy Bakery is a long-term solution to fight hunger in Yemen and a waqf project that will distribute free bread for refugees in Yemen

            Raised RM5,104.00
            Goal RM80,000.00
            Donor 209