Cataract Operation For 3000 Visually Impaired Patients In Nigeria

    The report of the 2012 prevalence survey revealed that Nigeria has about 2 times more incidence of blindness and visual impairment

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    Goal RM6,550.00
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      Islamic Health Center Development In Mayuge Village, Uganda

      The health of the people is very poor because they live in poor and unhealthy conditions. Many people do not know how to make their drinking water clean and safe. They do not receive proper guide on how to use pit latrines safely and yet it’s important for their health.

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      Goal RM60,000.00
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      Urgent Silicone Skull Implantation For 5 Years Old, Sufi Iman

      Sufi Iman a 5 years old little girl who was born on 01/02/2016 at 32 weeks. The hospital can be said as her second home since she sees the world with a history of multiple admission.

      Raised RM47,254.70
      Goal RM40,000.00
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        Solidariti Alumni Sahabat YADIM Untuk Palestine #RM10forPalestine

        Akademi Alumni Sahabat YADIM (AKASYA) tidak mahu ketinggalan dalam menyatakan sokongan dan solidariti terhadap saudara kita di Palestin

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        Goal RM10,000.00
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        Solidarity For Palestinian Brothers And Sisters Affected By Israeli Inhuman Attacks

        The inhuman attacks in Gaza has killed many innocent lives. Children, women and elderly are greatly affected mentally and physically. Every single sound is really torturing as it is like an alarm of death, they are living in scared.

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        Goal RM10,000.00
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          Support Special Kids In This Special Month Of Ramadan

          Growing an autistic kid is not an easy task it needs a lot of patience and mentally prepared. It become harder for the parents as no kindergarten will accept children with autism to be admitted with the normal kids as not everyone can attend their tantrum.

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