Hot Iftar Meals And Ramadan Food Baskets For The Earthquake Survivors

    Around 41,000 people have died as a result of the disaster, which has wreaked havoc on both Turkey and the neighboring country of Syria. Many survivors are now homeless in the bitterly cold winter weather.

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    Goal RM10,000.00
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      Meals For Homeless, Orphans And Poor In Malaysia

      We aim to distribute more meals to help the unfortunate, especially the homeless so they won’t sleep with an empty stomach

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      Goal RM10,000.00
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        By contributing to this project, you have secured an endless reward as your investment will help many new business start-ups to grow and could help many orphans, students, and the poor to get long-term financial support once the business grows. It’s like water that never stops flowing.

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          Qurbani For 60 Poor Families In Indonesia

          This Eidul Adha we aim to slaughter a cow and share the qurban meat with 60 poor families in Indonesia where each family will get the chance to enjoy 2kg of meat on the day of the Eid.

          Raised RM9,953.00
          Goal RM5,950.00
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            Qurban Meat For Single Mothers, Students And Poor Families In Uganda

            This Eidul Adha we aim to make more needy families in Uganda happy by giving Qurban meat that they rarely eat.

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            Goal RM12,250.00
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              Share Your Udhiya With The Needy Around The World

              Eidul Adha could be one of the happiest days for the poor. During this eid, they could have the chance to eat meat that they couldn’t afford to buy as many people make sacrifices and share their udhiya to the people in need.

              Raised RM754,369.00
              Goal RM1 million
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