Water Tanks for Nigerian Communities

    Clean water is a basic right, yet millions in Nigeria lack it. Your donation, big or small, can change lives.

    Raised RM3,000.00
    Goal RM3,000.00
    Donor 1

      Help Mrs Rosnaisah Build a New House

      Your support will improve her well-being and provide a secure home. Donate or spread the word to make a significant impact on her life.

      Raised RM30.00
      Goal RM14,884.39
      Donor 2

        Support Refugee Women and Children in Malaysia

        Urgent! Without assistance, these women & children will risk exposure and deportation to their devastated home countries. Act now!

        Raised RM2,025.00
        Goal RM9,198.00
        Donor 2

          Food Aid For Somalia

          Your generous support will not only address immediate hunger but will also lay the groundwork for a more resilient and hopeful future.

          Raised RM116.00
          Goal RM5,900.00
          Donor 3

            Help Bello and His Friends Continue Their Education

            Your support will not only enable these students to finish their education but will also prevent them from taking paths that might lead to a life of hardship and crime.

            Raised RM56.00
            Goal RM36,960.00
            Donor 2

              Empowering Salamu Adamu

              Your contribution can turn her dream into a reality, empowering her to uplift her family, community, and herself.

              Raised RM1,800.00
              Goal RM1,800.00
              Donor 1