Support Single Mothers To Prepare Eid Celebration

    Life can be difficult for single mothers anywhere in the world, but it is especially difficult for those who are poor.

    Raised RM3,525.00
    Goal RM5,000.00
    Donor 7

      Help Us Save RM21,000 A Year

      For the past years, we have rented the car every time we had a distribution and it cost us RM1,050 for every 3-day rental. It can cost us RM12,600 per year! This means we can distribute 126 food baskets that can benefit 126 families or we could feed 840 poor with the complete set of meals.

      Raised RM230.00
      Goal RM15,000.00
      Donor 5

        Bring Back The Happiness Of Eid For The Kids In Yemen

        When we born, Yemen was a fun and safe place for us. We run around and play together, especially during Eid, it is a moment of laughter and happiness.

        Raised RM1,195.00
        Goal RM12,750.00
        Donor 5

          Al-Quds Day- Solidarity For Palestinian To Protect Al-Quds

          To reduce the burden on Palestinian we could send assistance in the means of meals, provide food baskets to the vulnerable and poor families, support the orphans that lost their parents, provide medical support during Israeli attacks, and cash support to the underprivileged.

          Raised RM2,570.00
          Goal RM10,000.00
          Donor 12

            Build Water Well In Pakistan – Save Thousands Lives

            Indus River is the major water source for the more than 180 million persons living in Pakistan, yet fast-growing populations and increasing demand for hydropower and irrigation in Pakistan means the Indus is coming under intense pressure, with serious implications for the health of the population.

            Raised RM1,200.00
            Goal RM11,750.00
            Donor 10

              Waqf An Islamic School For Muslim Children In Senegal

              69% of the total population in Senegal are illiterate in recent years with over 2.7 million children out of school.

              Raised RM1,718.00
              Goal RM10,000.00
              Donor 25