Help Us To Complete The First Madrasa In Lok Kurai, Sabah

    This madrasah would be the first madrasah in Lok Kurai that will be open for free to the children and elderly for Islamic teaching.

    Raised RM1,770.00
    Goal RM10,410.00
    Donor 18

      Help Us Save RM21,000 A Year

      For the past years, we have rented the car every time we had a distribution and it cost us RM1,050 for every 3-day rental. It can cost us RM12,600 per year! This means we can distribute 126 food baskets that can benefit 126 families or we could feed 840 poor with the complete set of meals.

      Raised RM230.00
      Goal RM15,000.00
      Donor 5

        Build Water Well In Pakistan – Save Thousands Lives

        Indus River is the major water source for the more than 180 million persons living in Pakistan, yet fast-growing populations and increasing demand for hydropower and irrigation in Pakistan means the Indus is coming under intense pressure, with serious implications for the health of the population.

        Raised RM1,200.00
        Goal RM11,750.00
        Donor 10

          Needy Bakery: Free Bread For Yemeni Refugees

          Needy Bakery is a long-term solution to fight hunger in Yemen and a waqf project that will distribute free bread for refugees in Yemen

          Raised RM5,104.00
          Goal RM80,000.00
          Donor 209

            Waqf Quran For 100 Mosque And Hifz Madrasah In Bangladesh

            One of the most important aspects for the Muslim community at this time is Islamic education

            Raised RM126,484.45
            Goal RM130,000.00
            Donor 134

              Rebuild A Burnt Mosque Cause By Massive Fire In Cox’s Bazar

              More than 100 mosques have been demolished by a massive fire in Bangladesh refugee camps, and people now have to walk more than 3 kilometers to pray. Children are unable to study the Quran.

              Raised RM12,010.00
              Goal RM16,500.00
              Donor 30