Comprehensive support and care for orphans in Pakistan

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Pakistan is facing a significant orphan crisis, with thousands of children left without parental care due to various reasons. Pakistan is home to a staggering number of orphans, estimated to be around 4.2 million.


These children face numerous challenges, including limited access to education, healthcare, and emotional support. Many are forced into child labor, exposed to exploitation, and lack the stability and nurturing environment that every child deserves.



If orphans are not nurtured and cared for properly, they can face a range of physical, emotional, psychological, and developmental challenges. Without proper care, nutrition, and access to healthcare, orphans may suffer from malnutrition, illnesses, and other physical health problems that can affect their growth and overall well-being. They may exhibit behavioral problems, such as aggression, withdrawal, or acting out. These behaviors can stem from their unmet emotional needs.




Not only that, lack of access to education can limit orphans’ future opportunities for employment, personal growth and self-sufficiency. The negative effects of orphan neglect can persist across generations. Unaddressed emotional and developmental issues can affect their abilities.




To mitigate these negative outcomes, it’s essential to provide orphans with proper care, love, and support. This can be achieved through Comprehensive Support and Care that focus on their physical, emotional, educational, and psychological needs. So, they can grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults. Together, let us work towards providing comprehensive support and care to 50 orphans in Pakistan to uplift the lives of orphaned children in Pakistan.



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