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We, as a global community that values humanity, approach you with a loving heart to help our brothers and sisters affected by war. Now, those affected need our help to get the peace equipment that is essential for their survival. With strong determination, our objective is to raise funds of RM5000 to provide security equipment sets (flashlights, wound dressings, hand sanitizers, wet tissues, dry tissues and dry/fast food) to those who are in the most affected situation in Gaza.



The contribution of this security tool plays a very important role in improving the lives and safety of victims in Gaza because Gaza may experience power outages that may affect the safety of individuals who are in unpredictable situations. So, important components such as batteries and even flashlights may be necessary for daily life.




In addition, in conflict situations, injuries and wounds are things they are often exposed to. Furthermore, water supplies may be limited. Therefore, in emergency situations, cleanliness is important to prevent the spread of disease. At this time, access to food sources may be limited, so a durable food source is essential for survival.


The contribution of this peace tool is not only about providing physical aid, but also providing hope and support to those who are facing a crisis. By helping meet these basic needs, we can help victims get back on their feet and rebuild their lives.
Let’s together bring a ray of hope to the victims of the war in Gaza. Every ringgit makes a real difference. Donate now and together we build a brighter future for those in need.



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