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Our campaign this year is to give aid in the form of a pair of eid clothes to orphans in Yemen. In the midst of their country’s situation, which is full of conflict and deprivation, the orphans there face many challenges that are hard to imagine. They lost the love of their families, had no steady source of income, and had to live in poverty. Therefore, in the spirit of kindness and generosity, let us together bring joy to them this festive season.



Orphans in Yemen are among the groups that need our help the most. They not only need financial support to meet basic needs such as food and education, but they also need love and attention from the community. During festive seasons like Eid Fitri, we often gather with family and friends, celebrating joy together. However, for orphans, this joy may not be achieved without our help.


When we help and make orphans happy during Eid Fitri, we give them hope that they are not alone and forgotten by society. We also teach the values of kindness, caring, and humanity to the younger generation. In addition, by providing assistance to them, we also help build social stability in countries that are currently affected by conflict such as Yemen.




If we do not help them, the result is that they may continue to live in poverty, cut off from better opportunities, and may fall into a spiral of misfortune and emotional distress. Our help not only helps them directly, but also has a positive impact in building a better society as a whole.



Every year, we provide a pair of eid clothes for orphans in Yemen at a cost of only RM100. With your donation, we can bring cheer and hope to them. Let’s join hands to give happiness to children in need. Your donation not only gives them eid clothes, but also gives them confidence and hope for a better future. Let us together make a big difference in their lives. Don’t wait any longer, together with us help the orphans in Yemen to experience the true joy of Eid Fitri!




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