Eid Clothes For Orphans In Bangladesh

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Eid Fitri is coming again, but for some children in Bangladesh, this joy is not always felt wholeheartedly. Orphans in this country face huge challenges every day, from lack of food to lack of access to quality education and medicine. However, in the midst of all this, they still hold the hope of celebrating Eid Fitri with joy and happiness like other children.





They are the group that needs our help and love. Helping them is not only about providing material assistance, but also giving them confidence that they are not alone and marginalized. By giving them eid clothes, we not only meet their basic needs but also give them a sense of independence and pride to celebrate this festival together.




Without help and support, orphans may continue to feel marginalized and helpless. They may not be able to fully experience the excitement of Eid Fitri like other children, which can affect their self-confidence and perception of the world.



Every year, we try to give a pair of eid clothes to orphans in Bangladesh. For only RM36, you can contribute to this campaign and give them another reason to smile and be happy on Eid Fitri. Together we can make a big difference in their lives. Let’s together bring joy to the orphans in Bangladesh this Eid Fitri. Donate now and make a meaningful difference in their lives.




Lynna Ravi

2 weeks ago

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