Emergency Relief for Herat Earthquake Victims

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On the fateful day of 7th October 2023, at approximately 11:00 AM local time, a powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Herat Province, Afghanistan. This devastating natural disaster claimed the lives of 1,023 individuals and left 1,663 people injured, with an additional 516 people missing, including 203 men and 213 women. The affected districts of Zindajan, Injeel, Gulran, Kohsan, and Kushk were hit the hardest, with thousands of families facing unimaginable hardships in the wake of the disaster.





The earthquake has had a catastrophic impact on these communities. Most of the houses have been completely destroyed, leaving families exposed to the elements and vulnerable to the harsh Afghan winter that is rapidly approaching. These affected villages are situated far from hospitals and markets, making it extremely challenging for victims to acquire even the most basic necessities for their survival. Families have spoken to our ground teams, emphasizing their urgent need for assistance, including:


  1. Non-Food Items: Warm blankets and clothing to stay warm in the cold winter nights.
  2. Cooked Food: Immediate sustenance for families who have lost everything.
  3. Raw Food: Essential supplies to sustain them during the recovery phase.
  4. Cash: To help them rebuild their lives and meet immediate needs.
  5. Hygiene Kits: To prevent the spread of diseases and maintain basic hygiene.
  6. Daily Used Household Items: Utensils, bedding, and other essentials to restore their lives.
  7. Clean Drinking Water: Access to clean and safe drinking water.




  1. To support vulnerable individuals of all genders and backgrounds in building resilience and continuing to live in dignity.
  2. To prevent people from employing negative or harmful coping strategies, such as begging, eating less food, or selling valuable assets, which can lead to malnutrition and further destitution.
  3. To provide timely, multi-sectorial, life-saving, equitable, and secure assistance to crisis-affected people of all genders, backgrounds, and ethnicities, thereby reducing the risk of deaths and illnesses.


Our primary goal is to ensure that vulnerable households, which include both women and men of all ages, benefit from the rebuilding of their resilience in the face of disaster impacts on their lives and livelihoods. By addressing immediate needs and fostering resilience, we aim to help these communities get back on their feet and regain a sense of normalcy in their lives.


Our relief efforts aim to reach 1,000 households across the severely affected districts of Herat Province. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of those who have suffered immeasurable loss and hardship, providing them with the support and hope they need to rebuild their lives.




We urgently need your support to make this mission a reality. Your donation will directly contribute to the well-being and recovery of the earthquake victims in Herat. Together, we can rebuild hope in the hearts of those who have lost so much.


Join us in providing vital assistance to these resilient communities as they face the challenging road to recovery. Your generosity will help these families regain their dignity, security, and hope for a brighter future. Make a difference today and be a part of rebuilding Herat after the earthquake.




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