Emergency Shelter For Refugees In Yemen

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Yemen has been suffering for years because of the endless war which then causes massive displacement and this year the situation worsen due to natural catastrophe and pandemic outbreak.


80% of the population are suffering a great lost and in need of humanitarian assistance. Thousands children known to have acute malnutrition as most of the families can’t afford to provide foods for their kids and the spread of Corona Virus make the situation even tougher.


August 2020 was a nightmare for Yemen as heavy rains brought deadly flood which then swept away many houses and displacing thousands family who barely survived in the poor condition houses before the disaster occurs.


During this tough situation, ForNeedy is keen to offer help to the families who are greatly affected by this catastrophe especially the low-income families and individuals who are unable to work because of health problems.


ForNeedy aims to provide assistance to families in coastal areas specifically (ADEN). This project is going to help 100 families who suffer great damages, trauma and losing their own houses by providing new tents for them.


As a human, it is our duty to stand with our brothers who are afflicted by torrents and to take into account those who were drowning and got destroyed. Hence, in this project we would like to grant them the beautiful life once again by providing shelter for those who are currently has no where to go.


Hundreds families are waiting for your hands to get emergency shelter.

Do they have the chance to get a proper sleep in a proper shelter?

Yes. They do have the chance with your generosity!



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