Empowering single mother in al-Quds

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In the historic city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), single mothers face unique challenges that can make it difficult for them to support their families. Single mothers in Al-Quds also face various challenges that can be compounded by the political and social context of the region.



Because of this, the project aims to empower these resilient women by providing them with tools to sew, which can lead to sustainable and independent income generation. By equipping single mothers with the tools to create marketable products, we can contribute to their economic stability and overall well-being.




In addition, economic hardship is particularly evident in Al-Quds due to the high cost of living and limited employment opportunities, which can make it difficult for single mothers to support their families. They may also have difficulty finding a suitable job that aligns with their responsibilities and skill set. So, the goal of this project is also to improve existing skills and use existing expertise to create quality products.


Indirectly can help them in opening a small-scale sewing business, allowing them to earn a living for themselves and their families because the income that will be obtained from the sewing business can lead to a better family life.




So, by giving sewing machines to five deserving single mothers in Al-Quds, we can contribute to their economic independence and self-empowerment through fostering self-reliance. This project also has the potential to bring positive changes to the lives of single mothers and their families in the heart of Al-Quds.



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