Empowering single mother in Kenya

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Single mothers in Kenya face a range of challenges that can make their lives difficult. These challenges are often interconnected and can vary based on factors such as location, socioeconomic status, and cultural context. Some of the common challenges is single mothers might struggle to access credit, loans, or resources to start businesses and improve their economic situations. This can lead to difficulties in meeting the basic needs of themselves and their children.




So this project is dedicated to improving the lives of single mothers in Kenya by providing them with sewing machines. Recognizing the unique challenges single mothers face in accessing livelihoods, this initiative aims to equip them with valuable skills that can lead to foster entrepreneurship and improve the overall well-being of single mothers and their families.





Furthermore, when they acquire a new sewing machine, it empowers single mothers to start their own sewing business, thereby increasing their earning potential. In addition, it can increase self-confidence and reduce their weaknesses and promote social inclusion.



So, by equipping them with simple quality sewing tools to five selected single mothers, which are in line with the needs and skill levels of the recipients, it can be an effective way to address some of these challenges by equipping single mothers with valuable skills and tools for independence economy.




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