Empowering single mother in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, there exists a vibrant community of single mothers who face unique challenges in providing for their families while simultaneously nurturing their children. Financial constraints, limited job opportunities, and the need for flexible work options often make it difficult for these mothers to create a stable future for themselves and their children. This project aims to transform the lives of these resilient women by providing them with sewing machines enabling them to generate sustainable income.



The aim of this project is to Equip Single Mothers with a sewing machine so that they can start a small sewing business from the comfort of their homes, ensure more flexibility in working hours and increase family time.  Additionally, it enables single mothers to generate income, gain financial independence, and improve their standard of living, reducing their dependence on traditional support systems.



Therefore, we want to distribute sewing machines to single mothers who show enthusiasm and have skills in sewing but they do not have the opportunity or the ability to have a high quality sewing machine to start their sewing business. So, they can start improve their marketability and open up new career opportunities.




In conclusion, the “Empowering and supporting single mothers” project is a transformative initiative that addresses the unique challenges faced by single mothers in Malaysia. We intend to empower these eight selected poor women or single mothers by providing sewing machines worth RM600 each to become independent, confident and successful entrepreneurs. Through this project, we aim to create a positive impact of change in the lives of single mothers, their families, and their communities.






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