Empowering single mother in Palestine

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In the challenging landscape of Palestine, single mothers face unique obstacles that hinder their ability to provide for their families. Single mothers in Palestine face a variety of challenges that can be complex and multi-faceted due to the political, social, and economic context of the region.




The project aims to empower these brave women by equipping them with sewing skills that can lead to sustainable and self-sustaining income generation. By empowering single mothers with the tools to create marketable products, we can contribute to their economic stability and overall well-being.



The purpose of this project is to help the participants in establishing a sewing business at home as well as help them earn a living for themselves and their families. So unconsciously it can also increase self-esteem and confidence among single mothers when they master valuable skills and gain financial independence.


Single mothers who are already equipped with valuable sewing skills and are capable of sewing should be given opportunities so that they can create quality products, which can then be marketed. Thus, they are able to generate income through their sewing business and contribute to the financial stability of their families.



Through the sewing machine distribution project, we aim to empower five single mothers in Palestine by providing them with valuable and quality sewing resources. By nurturing their creative abilities, we also have the potential to foster financial independence and bring positive change in the lives of single mothers and their families in the challenging Palestinian environment.




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