Empowering single mother in Syria

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The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria has left many single mothers struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families. Single mothers in Syria face many complex challenges due to ongoing conflict, displacement and economic instability.



This project aims to empower these resilient women by providing them with sewing machines, enabling them to acquire a valuable skill that can lead to sustainable income generation and self-sufficiency. By giving them the tools they need, we can help these mothers stitch together a better future for themselves and their children.



Furthermore, many single mothers lost their husbands or family members to the conflict, leaving them without the emotional and financial support provided by traditional family structures. With existing skills, by providing sewing machines to single mothers in Syria, it allows them to establish a sewing business at home, fostering independence and financial stability as they can contribute to the financial stability of their families by producing various products through the sewing they create.



The resulting conflict has led to economic instability, high inflation and limited job opportunities, making it difficult for single mothers to support their families. In addition, it can also improve the well-being of the family. Because these single mothers will be able to contribute to improving the quality of life of their entire family by supporting income growth. In fact, it can also change society’s perception of the ability and contribution of single mothers.


Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that includes economic support and initiatives to empower women socially. By providing sewing machines to five selected single mothers in Syria, we can offer them a way to rebuild their lives and provide support with dignity and purpose. This project has the potential to create a positive and lasting impact on their economic well-being, emotional resilience and the overall strength of their community.




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