Empowering single mother in Uganda

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Single mothers in Uganda face many challenges that can make their lives difficult. These challenges can vary based on factors such as location, socioeconomic status, cultural norms and access to resources.


Here are some of the common challenges that single mothers in Uganda may face, among them is that single mothers often lack access to affordable and reliable childcare services. So, with a sewing machine at home, this single mother can generate income at home while taking care of the children at home calmly.



The “Empowering Single Mothers in Uganda Through Sewing Machines” project seeks to transform the lives of single mothers in Uganda by providing them with sewing machines. Acknowledging the unique challenges faced by single mothers in accessing sustainable livelihoods, by offering sewing machines, the project aspires to foster entrepreneurship and create a pathway towards a brighter future for single mothers and their families.



By equipping them with complete sewing tools, it can support single mothers for the establishment and growth of small-scale sewing enterprises, enabling single mothers to achieve financial stability and reduce their dependence on outside help.



Efforts to support and empower five selected single mothers in Uganda offering a holistic approach that addresses their economic, social and emotional well-being. Providing resources such as sewing machine can contribute to improving the lives of single mothers and their families.



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