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Single mothers in Vietnam, like in many parts of the world, often encounter a range of challenges that can make their lives more difficult. These challenges are often influenced by cultural, economic, and social factors specific to the region. There are some common challenges that single mothers in Vietnam may face, one of them is difficulties and obstacles when it comes to finding suitable and affordable childcare options for their children. 



These challenges can have a significant impact on their ability to work, pursue education, and engage in other activities that contribute to their family’s well-being. Many single mothers work irregular hours, part-time jobs, or multiple shifts to make ends meet. Childcare centers with fixed operating hours might not align with their work schedules.   So, with a sewing machine at home, they can do business and work at home calmly without any worries.




So, the “Empowering Single Mothers through Sewing Machines in Vietnam” project aims to uplift and support single mothers in Vietnam by providing them with sewing machines to become self-reliant entrepreneurs. By equipping them with the tools needed to start their own sewing businesses, the project seeks to enhance their economic independence, improve their livelihoods, and contribute to the overall welfare of their families and communities.



The real objective of the project is to provide sewing machines to five single mothers in targeted communities in several districts in Vietnam. The aim is to create lasting change in the lives of single mothers, enabling them to break free from the cycle of poverty and dependency. Through economic empowerment and skills development, this initiative not only transforms the lives of individual participants but also has the potential to uplift entire communities and contribute to Vietnam’s socio-economic development.



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