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The recent conflict has left countless families in Gaza without shelter, food, and the support they desperately need. Children, mothers, and fathers are bearing the brunt of this crisis, and it’s our collective responsibility to extend a helping hand. The struggle is real, and the need is urgent.



There are stories that remain untold. Homes have been reduced to rubble, families torn apart, and the haunting specter of hunger looms over innocent lives. Today, we bring you a heartbreaking reality: children, in the depths of starvation, resorting to eating grass to quell the pangs of hunger. Their silent cries echo through the war-ravaged streets. It’s time to answer that cry with compassion.



Our mission is clear, to provide immediate relief by delivering essential food baskets to the families and victims who need it the most. Your support is instrumental in making a difference. By contributing to this campaign, you’re not just giving food; you’re giving hope, resilience, and a chance for families to rebuild. Every total you donate goes directly into assembling and delivering these food baskets, ensuring that they reach the hands of those who need them urgently.



In the face of this heartbreaking reality, again we urge you to open your hearts and join us in this mission. Every ringgit you contribute is a step towards rescuing these children and family from the grip of starvation.





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