Help Mrs Rosnaisah Build a New House

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We invite you to participate in the effort to help Rosnaisah in building a house on the land that has been granted to her in DSN Telukemur, Indonesia. Together, we can provide a higher level of well-being through increased comfort in his life.



A kind-hearted person has made a significant contribution by donating his land for the benefit of Rosnaisah’s family who live in poverty. However, the construction of the house still needs support from us in order to ensure a decent life for Rosnaisah. With a more comfortable and suitable house, Rosnaisah can live more calmly and focus on improving the quality of her life.




The importance of a more comfortable home because a more comfortable home will provide protection from extreme weather conditions and offer better thermal comfort for Rosnaisah and her family. In addition, with a decent home, Rosnaisah can feel more secure to raise children and emotionally peaceful, which has a positive impact on her overall well-being.


Let’s join in this effort by donating or spreading information to other people who care. Every contribution from you will bring a significant change in Rosnaisah’s life. We thank you for your attention and support in helping to create better comfort and well-being for Rosnaisah.



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