Help this Hopeless and Homeless Moroccan mother to go back to her Family

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Help this desperate Moroccan mother to go back to her family.

This is a heartbreaking story of a mother and her newborn son in dire need of financial help to flee the streets and go back to their country.

The plane tickets costs for both of them are $3500, including the PCR test, the special pass, and the required 10 days quarantine at the destination country upon arrival.

Due to her current condition of leaving her oppressor husband, Fatima cannot support her three-month baby and pay her outstanding hospital bills for the cesarean surgery.


She needs an immediate amount to repay her debts amounted to $2000.


Without this amount, she won’t be able to extract her son’s ID required documents from the hospital.



For several weeks now, Fatima and her son have been experiencing harsh times while living on Kl’s streets and eating from whatever people offer. She understands that life can be pretty tough, and losing hope will not do her any good.


We at For Needy were able to offer Fatima and her son a temporary shelter and secure their daily meals; however, this can not last for much longer without your support.


The plan is to send them back to their family that we are in contact with; they are themselves unable to afford their daughter’s financial hurdle but are begging for the kind-hearted people to help get her back to them.


Without support, they might not be able to see the coming days safely, and they might not be able to survive during their miserable situation.


You can provide as many donations as you can; it will collectively help this mother. With your funds, we can help Fatima and her baby to meet her family again,


And Protect her from homelessness.


By giving charity, a person is guaranteeing protection for themselves from misfortune and tragedy. Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said:

“Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” (Al-Tirmidhi)


For more information, kindly watch Fatima’s video or contact us directly

*When the raised amounts cover Fatima’s necessary and urgent needs; the excess donated amount will be implemented in helping similar cases.



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