Islamic Health Center Development In Mayuge Village, Uganda

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Access to health service is extremely limited because patients especially women with their under-five (children at the back) must walk long distances to access the health services.

Because of these difficulties, some diseases like Malaria, Measles, Malnutrition, Diarrhea, Dirty wounds / infection, Eye infection and Jiggers are common in Mayuge as it is nearby lake shores. Yet all of these diseases can be prevented if there is proper education on health care to the people in Uganda.


The situation is exacerbated for those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable in some other way like the very poor or those orphaned.


Long distances (5sq km) moved by patients (women) without a health care center leads to maternal mortality and morbidity rate caused by poor material conditions and low social status compounded by lack of awareness and poor seeking health behaviors hence remain endangered and therefore a continuing social problem in the area.



The establishment of Alban Islamic Health Centre in Mayuge district can help to handle both preventive health care and curative services for the ever-increasing population to be immediately reached and accessible.


Targeted group of people: –


Who have no access to health Medicare facilities and community participation in general including adolescents, expecting / pregnant mothers, breast feeding, Burren, widows, orphans, elderly and under-fives.


Importance of The Health Center

Urgency of Alban Islamic health centre is needed now to help: –

  • Immunization
  • Teaching about hygiene
  • Taking special care for mothers and children to stay healthy and other health complications / hazards including HIV/AIDs scourge, Covid – 19 pandemics among others.
  • Treating the sick and giving care to the people with malaria.
  • Food nutrition.
  • Handling certain clinical cases.
  • Family life education.
  • Referring complicated or emergency cases to referral region/ national hospital etc.


Purpose of The Fund

We would like to be funded in the construction of the health care center and that this building will occupy or the size of the building will be 100ft by 100 ft., purchase of land and to procure facilities as well as medical equipment required to operate the health center.



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