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In the aftermath of the devastating conflict between Israel and Gaza, a dire humanitarian crisis has unfolded. Over 11,200 lives, including 4,000 innocent children, have been lost. The consequences extend beyond the immediate toll, with the 2.4 million people in Gaza facing a desperate situation.



Basic necessities such as water, electricity, fuel, and food have been severed, pushing the entire population to the brink of hunger. The United Nations warns of an impending catastrophe, with the entire population of Gaza at risk of hunger, particularly as winter approaches.


Our mission is to provide hot meals to the war victims in Gaza, with a primary focus on the vulnerable children who have tragically lost their parents. This campaign recognizes the immediate need for sustenance and warmth amid the ongoing crisis.




Aid trucks from Egypt have entered through the Rafah border, but the quantity of aid is insufficient, particularly in terms of food. The campaign aims to bridge this critical gap, ensuring that Gazans have access to essential hot meals, offering comfort and nourishment during these challenging times.



Your support can be the beacon of hope in someone’s darkest hour. No one should endure the pain of hunger, especially in the aftermath of such devastation. By contributing to our campaign, you are not just providing a hot meal; you are offering hope, resilience, and a reminder that the global community stands together in solidarity. Your generosity is the lifeline that can help us reach our goal of alleviating hunger in Gaza. Share this campaign widely and join us in making a tangible impact.



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