Qurban meat for a needy in Uganda

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“And the person whose sustenance is narrowed should give sustenance from the wealth that God has given him. God does not burden a person except (ability) what God has given him. Later God will give freedom after hardship.”


It is clear here that performing sacrificial worship is highly encouraged for those who are able. But not all people are able to perform sacrificial worship, while they also want to perform sacrificial worship and do good to others. This is also what the people in Uganda feel. Of the people in Uganda, 65% of their live in poverty. The issue of poverty is also a major issue that often occurs in Uganda.


In addition, the people there also find it difficult to get clean and safe water while clean water is a basic human right to continue living. So let’s use this opportunity to lighten their burden in continuing life, by distributing the meat sacrificed on Eid al-Adha.



Eid al-Adha will be more meaningful if it is done in a place where the people live in hardship because we will be able to help the families who live in poor with the meat of the animals that were slaughtered for them. Furthermore, sacrificial worship is present once a year, so what’s wrong with us helping those in need this year.




May every kindness and contribution given by you bring joy to the people of Uganda because they have endured various trials throughout their lives. So, let us do good regardless of race or country.




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9 months ago

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