Qurban meat for the needy in al-Quds

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“There is no deed done by the son of Adam on the day of al-Nahr (Aidiladha) that is more loved by ALLAH other than shedding the blood (of a sacrificial animal). Verily, it will come on the Day of Judgment with its horns, feathers, and hooves and verily the blood will receive Allah SWT rests before it falls to the earth. So, purify your soul (with sacrificial worship).”

(Tirmidhi’s Narrative)



Al-Quds is an old city located in the Middle East and is also the Capital and largest city of the Palestinian and Islamic State permanently and forever. For many years the people there have been living under endless oppression. They feel various oppression. Their rights were taken away, their homes were destroyed and access to food was limited, making it difficult for their people to do their daily life activities.

Poverty and hunger will be a constant threat to our brothers there. So, let’s not forget about our religious brothers there who don’t have the same fate as us. Because it is not only the responsibility of the Palestinian people or the Arab nation, but it is the responsibility of all Muslims.



Sacrifice worship can not only be carried out in Malaysia, it can even be carried out anywhere. Slaughtering sacrificial animals is also a symbol of our love and gratitude to Allah SWT. Therefore, make this Aidiladha a moment to draw closer to Allah SWT and to spread the happiness of Eid to our brothers and sisters in Al-Quds. Believe me, the people there always look forward to enjoying meat dishes even though the opportunity only comes once a year in conjunction with Aidiladha.



With this opportunity, our Muslim brothers who are poor and needy can also experience the pleasure of the meat sacrifice that is celebrated only once a year. Therefore, let’s all donate money so that we can donate sacrificial meat to those in need according to our ability no matter where you are, even if it is as low as RM10 because the effort can benefit many needy families there.



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