Qurban meat for the needy in Bangladesh

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From Abdullah bin Amru r.a, that a man asked the Prophet SAW, “What is the best practice in Islam?” His Majesty said, “Feeding food and greeting people you know and people you don’t know”



Aidiladha is to slaughter cows, goats, and camels. Sacrificial worship is a high and noble value in the eyes of Allah S.W.T. Workship qurban is strongly demanded to be performed on 11, 12,, and 13 Zulhijjah. Sacrificial worship can also develop the teachings of Islam, and foster and strengthen friendly relations among Muslims. However, most of there is no sacrifice worship performed in a place where the average people are poor and poor, including the people of Bangladesh because 90% of the citizens of Bangladesh are Muslims.



Bangladesh has a population density of over 156.5 million people. Is the third poorest Muslim country in the world. Furthermore, the gap between the rich and the poor is terrible. A total of 31.5% of its 164 Million population is abjectly poor. So, let us help them in managing the sacrificial worship, especially in the rural locations in Bangladesh, by supplying the portion of the sacrificial meat that is lacking there.



Just imagine, the meat that has been donated is eaten en masse with their families. Plus they haven’t tasted a complete meal in a long time. In addition, among the wisdom of performing sacrificial worship is that Muslims can share the sustenance that God has given with other people by helping those who are less able to make them happy.



Therefore, let us ‘give’ by sharing some of the Qurban meat on this year’s Aidiladha. Remember that the sacrificial worship performed is a sign that we are getting closer to Allah SWT. Not to mention sharing the happiness and joy of Aidiladha together with those in need.



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