Qurban meat for the needy in Cambodia

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Allah S.W.T. has said in Surah Al-Haj verse 37:

Meaning: “The flesh and blood of sacrificial animals or gifts will never reach Allah, but what reaches Him is your sincere deeds based on piety”.



Did you know that qurban is a symbol of the Aidiladha celebration. If there is no qurban activity in a settlement, then the Eidiladha celebration in that place is not complete. However, not all groups are able to perform sacrificial worship due to financial and poverty factors. In fact, many are unable to enjoy the deliciousness of meat.


The life of the Muslim minority in Cambodia is also mostly made up of the poor. Therefore, Cambodia is also one of the poorest countries in the world because the people there only expect crops to survive. Once upon a time, they were also oppressed during the communist era.




This is the reality faced by the Muslim community in Cambodia. They had to face various burdens and oppression with perseverance. So, what’s wrong if we give encouragement and attention to the Muslim people there, by sharing the blessings of animal meat sacrificed to them on Aidiladha this year. Muslims in Cambodia also have the right to celebrate Aidiladha as festively as we do here.


Furthermore, the meaning of qurban is also to share sustenance with fellow Muslims. With the distribution of sacrificial meat, people who cannot afford meat will also be able to taste it.



So let’s give a little donation so that the goal of performing sacrificial worship to needy groups like in Cambodia can be successfully implemented. May all the good things that we have sacrificed, be beneficial for the happiness of others.




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