Qurban meat for the needy in India

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“Where every hair of the qurban animal will be worth a reward, while on the other hand, we will feel the beauty of sharing sustenance with fellow human beings.”



When Aidiladha arrives, we are circumcised to perform qurban worship for those who are able as a sign of our gratitude for the favors we have received. Therefore, not everyone is able to perform the sacrifice at that time due to several factors, so what’s wrong if we give them a little joy by distributing the sacrificial meat.


Before this we often heard about the qurban performed in Palestine and Syria, so why not this time share our sustenance with our fellow Muslims in India. Did you know, in the majority of the Muslim community there are also almost 12 million living in the poorest and most oppressed conditions. They only eat once a day without being given perfect and sufficient nutrition which has caused their children to be malnourished because most of them only work as farmers who only earn a few rupees a day.




In addition, the majority of the Muslim community there also lives in oppression. Their homes and land were confiscated and burned, while many were driven away and killed. Therefore, the celebration of Aidiladha there is rather gloomy. Recently, in 2022, the world was shaken by the issue of racism in India, leading to harm to the Muslim population there. Because cows are considered sacred by Hindus and their slaughter is prohibited in most states in India. So, this has added more pressure on the Muslims there.



That’s why this year, we’re opening up an opportunity for you to do good through this campaign to help those who have to live in languishing conditions in their own country. Therefore, our objective is to raise funds for the purpose of performing Qurbani in India. In addition, one of the reasons we are running this campaign is that we want to give sacrificial meat to Muslim brothers in India.



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