Qurban meat for the needy in Nigeria

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From Aisha, the Prophet SAW said:

“There is no act of the children of Adam on the day of sacrifice that God likes more than shedding blood (slaughtering sacrificial animals), indeed on the Day of Resurrection those animals will come complete with their horns, hooves, and feathers . Indeed, its blood will reach Allah – as a sacrifice – wherever the animal is slaughtered before its blood reaches the ground, so be sincere in slaughtering it.”

(HR. Ibn Majah and Tirmidhi)



Nigeria is the largest country on the coast of West Africa. This country is famous for having the largest population in the world which is almost 200 million people living here. The majority of Nigerians are followers of Islam and Christianity which are 50% and 40% of the total population. An estimated 99 million Muslims live in Nigeria. Muslims there practice Sunni teachings which are guided by the Maliki sect.

In conclusion, the community there will also celebrate Aidiladha just like other Muslims. However, according to a report presented to the United Nations (UN) Security Council, many people in Nigeria are facing a food crisis and living in poverty. This makes it difficult for them to get enough food sources let alone taste a piece of meat.




This caused many children to face severe malnutrition, and UNICEF has also warned that at least 49,000 children will die of malnutrition in eastern Nigeria if aid is not provided. In addition, there are about 12.2 million people across Nigeria belonging to the third degree of famine.



Therefore, let us shine joy on their faces with a cow that you will donate so that they can also taste the deliciousness of fresh qurban meat and can experience the true celebration of Eid al-Adha. Even if we are not able to help them throughout the year, at least we share fresh Qurban meat for them on the upcoming Eid al-Adha. Hopefully the hunger experienced can be reduced at that time.



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