Qurban meat for the needy in Pakistan

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Hadith narrated by at-Tirmidhi, Ibnu Majah, and Hakim

“There is no deed done by the son of Adam on the Feast of Sacrifice that God likes more than shedding blood (slaughtering sacrificial animals).

“..Indeed the sacrificial animal will come on the Day of Judgment with its horns, hooves, and feathers and God will reward the sacrificial worship before the blood of the sacrificial animal falls on the earth. Therefore, make your sacrifice good…”




Soon people all over the world will celebrate Eid Aidil Adha. Aidil Adha is also called the Feast of Sacrifice because on that day Muslims are encouraged to slaughter sacrificial animals. As Muslims, performing the sacrifice is a demand for Muslims.


In fact, doing qurban worship is also a form or a sign that we are grateful for all the blessings given by God. In addition, when we perform qurban worship, we can raise awareness of how important it is to care about our religious brothers, especially the poor and less able.



Therefore, we very much welcome people to help in the success of this year’s qurban project that will be carried out in Pakistan. Because about 22% or 55 million people in Pakistan still live below the national poverty line. Furthermore, Pakistan is a country that also has the second-largest number of Muslims on earth.


Furthermore, did you know that poverty occurs in Pakistan because they are facing a food crisis which is wheat since the Ukraine-Russia conflict happen. Whereas wheat is a daily food for Muslims in Pakistan. The effects of this crisis also drove hundreds of thousands of people around the world into poverty.





So let’s share the joy with the people of Pakistan in conjunction with the upcoming Aidiladha celebration. Hopefully, with the donations from all of you, we can ease their burden there. Know that the best charity is to distribute the meat of the sacrifice to other Muslim brothers.




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