Qurban meat for the needy in Somalia

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From Aishah RA, the Prophet SAW said: “There is no deed done by the son of Adam on the day of Al-Nahr (Raya Aidiladha) that is more loved by Allah than shedding blood (of sacrificial animals). Indeed, it will come on the Day of Resurrection with its horns, feathers, and hooves and indeed the blood will reach the pleasure of Allah SWT before it falls to the earth. So, purify your soul (by making sacrifices).”



Every year, in the month of Zulhijjah, Muslims all over the world will perform the sacrificial worship that is highly demanded in Islam. It is also a circumcision worship that God likes very much. This means that Muslims in Somalia will also perform sacrifices like other Muslims. However, due to the severe drought crisis that has hit the country for many years, many livestock have died because herders cannot find food sources for livestock.



In fact, more than half of its 7.85 million inhabitants are also facing a famine crisis. According to the UN, Somalia is also one of the four worst countries facing the famine crisis. So, many of our Muslim brothers in Somalia are experiencing problems in continuing their survival. Furthermore, poverty in Somalia is increasing.



Therefore, what’s wrong if we donate some of the cows that are sacrificed, to those who are hungry right now. Furthermore, the duty of a Muslim is to help his brother who is facing difficulties.



If the previous Ramadhan we were able to benefit people who needed help with iftar meals, then come this time, we will try to help even more affected muhajirin. So, in the run-up to Aidil-Adha, which is coming soon, what’s wrong if we sacrifice some of the favors we get for the people of Somalia there. We pray that these donors will always be blessed with sustenance and that all their daily affairs will be made easier.





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