Qurban Meat For The Needy In Uganda

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In the noble spirit of qurban worship, we humbly launch a qurban campaign to help our brothers and sisters in Uganda. This country located in East Africa is home to a Muslim community that strives to maintain their faith and practice amidst the difficult challenges of life. This life full of challenges often makes sacrifice something difficult for many families there.



The Muslim community in Uganda, although small, plays an important role in society. They come from diverse backgrounds and some live in rural areas where access to basic resources and facilities is very limited. In an uncertain economic situation, many of them struggle to provide their daily needs, not to mention perform this meaningful sacrifice.


Ibadah qurban is not only a symbol of sacrifice and obedience to Allah SWT, but also a bond of love and solidarity of Muslims around the world. By donating qurban meat to needy families in Uganda, we not only fulfill religious demands, but also provide them with a valuable form of moral and material support.




A daily life of deprivation makes nutritious food a luxury for many families in Uganda. Most of the Muslim families there live in poverty, where getting enough and nutritious food is a big challenge. Lack of access to balanced food causes many of them to experience health problems, especially among children who need adequate nutrition for healthy growth and development.


When they receive qurban meat, they not only receive food, but also the care and love of brothers and sisters who may be thousands of kilometers away. This feeling brings genuine joy and happiness, turning their Hari Raya into a truly special and meaningful day.



The price to donate a large-sized sacrificial cow (160KG) is RM1807. Meanwhile, the price to donate a large-sized sacrificial goat (20KG) is RM310. We call on all brothers and sisters to support this campaign together. Every donation, big or small, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our brothers and sisters in Uganda. Let us extend our hands, sow love, and spread grace through this sacrifice.




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