Qurban meat for the needy in Vietnam

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“There is no act done by humans on the day of sacrifice that Allah likes more than shedding blood (slaughtering sacrifices). Verily, it will come on the Day of Resurrection with its horns, hooves, and feathers (and placed on the scales) and verily the blood of the sacrificial animal will have a position in the presence of God in a high place before it falls on the earth. . . Therefore, be sincere in your heart when making that sacrifice.”

(Hadith Narrated by Imam Tirmizi)



Eid al-Adha or Eid Hajj is a festival celebrated all over the world. It is the biggest festival in Islam besides Aidilfitri which is celebrated every 1 Syawal. Those who are able will perform the sacrifice and will be shared with other Muslims. The main goal of celebrating Eid al-Adha is also to provide basic assistance to relatives abroad, especially in countries with a minority Muslim population, including Vietnam.

Muslims are a minority religion in Vietnam, where the total Muslim population is 1% of the country’s population. Because the majority of the population adheres to Buddhism. However, Vietnam is a country that is free to practice other religions.




The Muslim population there has several challenges, especially to get halal food. Because the number of Muslims there is small, it is difficult for them to find a source of halal food. There may be, but the price may be expensive because the source of halal food is difficult to find.


Furthermore, economic constraints also cause the Muslim population of Vietnam to face difficulties in continuing their lives. If the residents need beef, they have to go to cities that are quite far away and it takes time and incurs high transportation costs. So, the percentage of them tasting fresh and cheap meat is very thin.



Therefore, the Muslim population of Vietnam needs help and contributions from outside in going through life there. So, let us distribute the beef to them in conjunction with the Eid al-Adha celebration that will arrive soon.



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