Qurban meat for the needy in Yemen

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The reward of the sacrificial worship provided is very great for those who perform this worship. This is because sacrificial worship is a muakkad circumcision which is highly encouraged to be done for people who meet the conditions of sacrifice based on the words of Allah SWT: “Therefore, pray only for your God, and sacrifice (as a thank you).” (Al-Kauthar 108:2)



The disaster that occurred in Yemen has resulted in its people living in misery and chaos. Because of the conflict and war that happened in Yemen. They have faced a health, security, and hunger crisis for more than nine years. Therefore, the excitement of Aidiladha is only a memory for some of the people of Yemen. They could not enjoy the meat of the sacrifice let alone perform the sacrifice of a cow.



Furthermore, the country of Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab region. They had to live in such poverty that some had to eat leaves from the trees. Therefore, it can be said that the majority of Yemenis are abnormally thin due to malnutrition.

So, we as religious brothers should give help and care about the lives of Muslims there. Thousands of Yemenis there are dying of hunger, so let’s not let our brothers live in hunger. So the sacrificial meat donated will be able to help them to build a healthier body.




We hope this donation can give spirit to the people of Yemen in continuing their lives in a very difficult situation. They will surely smile when they receive the sacrificial meat donated by you.





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