Qurbani For 150 Minority Muslims In Vietnam

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Muslim as a minority group in Vietnam

The percentage of the population who are Muslims in Vietnam does not reach even 1% of the total 96 million. Muslims in Vietnam are scattered throughout many areas, some live and work in urban areas while some live in small cities or rural. Therefore, most of the Muslims who live in An Giang Province has a very low income and they only depend on the allowance from their children who drop out from school in order to work and look out for their families. Hence, we want to share qurban meat with this small group of Muslims in Vietnam this Eidul Adha.


Muslims in Vietnam can be said to a forgotten poor that rarely got notice from the world as they are not even 1% of the total population. Therefore, we reach them last Ramadan by providing Iftar meals especially for the elders, people suffer from critical disease, orphans, and poor families.


This Eidul Adha we want to let them know that we still remember and they always in our care, therefore we would like to slaughter 2 cows to be distributed among Muslim community in the small village in Vietnam. The cost for 2 cows would be RM7,420.




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