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Educational challenges can arise in any country due to various factors including in Vietnam as well.  Although Vietnam has made significant progress in its education system over the years, there may still be certain issues that can be considered an “education crisis” in a relative sense.



It is likely that some students, particularly in rural or disadvantaged areas, may still lack access to essential school supplies. The issue of lack of access to schooling occurs because students in rural and rural areas face difficulties in obtaining education due to a lack of financial resources.  So, the family had to let their children not go to school because they could not afford to buy equipment to go to school.




Therefore, this campaign focuses on providing support to disadvantaged students so that access to education can be expanded and can increase the literacy rate in Vietnam.



In conclusion, supplies such as notebooks, writing materials, textbooks, uniforms, and other learning resources are essential for their educational journey.  Adequate school supplies can increase their engagement, participation, and overall learning experience, leading to better academic outcomes.  So, we need your support to donate school kits for 50 students, i.e. uniforms, notebooks, bags, and stationery.



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