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Meet Ghaith Mousa Jabr Abu Hassanein, a courageous young boy born on March 6, 2018, in Gaza. Ghaith’s life has been marked by adversity from the very beginning. He was born into a family of three siblings, raised by a single mother, Aida Maher Mustafa Abu Hassanein, after the tragic loss of his father, Mousa Jabr Abdel Salam Abu Hassanein, who became a martyr on May 14, 2018.



Ghaith’s life took an unfortunate turn when he lost his father at a very tender age. Aida, his resilient mother, has been trying to provide for Ghaith and his siblings, but the situation is far from ideal. The family faces numerous challenges, and their sources of income are limited.


Despite facing adversity, Ghaith is eager to learn and dreams of a brighter future. He currently attends Al Sahaba School in the Al Daraj district, where he is receiving an education that holds the promise of a better life. However, the financial burden of education and daily expenses weighs heavily on his family.



Aida, as the sole breadwinner, does her best to make ends meet. With annual expenses for school supplies, clothes, and healthcare, the family is struggling to provide even the basic necessities for Ghaith and his siblings.


Ghaith’s story represents the resilience of countless children who face adversity with unwavering hope. We have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in his life and offer him the chance for a brighter future.


We believe that every child deserves the chance to grow, learn, and thrive. By contributing to Ghaith’s education and well-being, you can be a part of his journey towards a brighter tomorrow. Your support will not only alleviate the financial burden on his family but also inspire hope in the heart of a young boy who dreams of a better life.



Please consider making a donation to support Ghaith’s education and well-being. Your generosity will have a profound impact on his life and future. Together, we can help Ghaith overcome the challenges he faces and provide him with the opportunity to realize his dreams.


Thank you for your compassion and support in helping Ghaith’s story take a turn towards a brighter tomorrow.




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