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In the sprawling Rohingya Refugee camp 1, Kotupalong, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, a young boy named Mohamed emerged into this world on December 11, 2012. His life, though marked by resilience and courage, has been marred by tragedy and adversity. Today, we share Mohamed’s story with a glimmer of hope, as we believe in the power of compassion and unity to change his life for the better.



Mohamed was born into a family of seven, with five siblings. His father, Sayed Korim, was a pillar of strength in their lives until the fateful day of July 2, 2014, when tragedy struck. Sayed Korim was killed by the Myanmar military, leaving his wife, Morium Khatun, to shoulder the immense burden of raising their children alone. Morium Khatun, Mohamed’s mother, remains alive, but the scars of their past and the harsh conditions of the refugee camp continue to haunt them.



Morium Khatun, Mohamed’s devoted mother, has become both mother and father to her six children. In a place where opportunities are scarce and the future uncertain, she has been their unwavering source of love and support. Despite the challenges, she strives to give her children the best she can. Their only source of sustenance is the meager donation provided by UNHCR, which amounts to 500 taka – barely enough to cover their basic needs.



At the tender age of 10, Mohamed is a determined Grade 2 student at the Rohingya Refugee camp school. His eyes sparkle with curiosity and dreams of a brighter future. Despite the hardships, he diligently attends school, understanding that education holds the key to escaping the cycle of poverty and adversity that surrounds him.



We are reaching out to you, our global community, with a humble plea for support. By contributing to Mohamed’s education, health, and well-being, you can help break the cycle of poverty and uncertainty that has gripped his family for too long. Your generous donations will provide them with the means to meet their basic needs and allow Mohamed to continue his education.


Your kindness can rewrite the story of Mohamed’s life. Your support can provide him with the opportunity he deserves to build a better future for himself and his family. Join us in this noble endeavor, and together, let’s be the change that will shine a light on Mohamed’s path toward a brighter tomorrow.



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