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In the heart of Chroy metry ler, a small town in Kandal, Cambodia, lies the story of a resilient young boy named Sadik Bin Tahid. Sadik’s life began on December 18, 2011, and from the very beginning, it was marked by hardship and adversity. This is his story, a story that needs your help to ensure a brighter future for an innocent child who has faced life’s challenges far too early.



Sadik’s journey as an orphan began on September 17, 2019, when he lost his beloved father, Tahid Bin Bun, in a tragic accident. It was a day that forever changed the course of this young boy’s life. Left behind without a father, Sadik’s mother, Man Fariyah, took on the role of both parents, struggling to provide for her family.


Sadik Bin Tahid is an eight-year-old boy who is full of life, curiosity, and dreams. He is currently in grade 2, attending school in Chroy metry ler. His mother, Man Fariyah, works tirelessly as a cleaner to support her family.



Sadik’s life is a testament to resilience, but he needs our support to ensure a brighter future. As a child who has already faced profound loss and continues to confront financial obstacles, Sadik’s dreams and potential should not be limited by his circumstances.



By contributing to Sadik’s cause, you can be a part of transforming his life. Your donation will provide him with access to quality education, sufficient food, proper clothing, and essential healthcare. You’ll be empowering Sadik to pursue his dreams and break the cycle of poverty that has burdened his family.


Your generosity can be a lifeline for Sadik. Together, we can help him reach his full potential and secure a brighter future. Your support will not only impact his life but will also uplift the spirits of Man Fariyah, who is working hard to provide for her son.


Sadik Bin Tahid’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of community support. Your contribution, no matter the size, will bring hope and opportunity to a young boy who has already endured more than his fair share of hardships. Let’s come together and make a positive change in the life of Sadik, enabling him to overcome adversity and achieve his dreams. Donate today and be a part of Sadik’s journey towards a brighter future.



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