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In the heart of Thabat – Salla, Taiz, a resilient young girl named Sama Mukhtar Ahmad Ghalib was born on September 29, 2014. Her life’s journey took an unfortunate turn when tragedy struck her family, leaving her an orphan at a tender age. Sama’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and we invite you to join us in supporting her through crowdfunding.


Sama’s childhood was marked by love and laughter until the untimely demise of her father, Mukhtar Ahmad Ghalib, on August 11, 2016, due to a gunshot. This devastating loss left her mother, Safa Mohammed Ali Qaeed, as the sole guardian of Sama and her three siblings. Safa, with a heart full of love and determination, stepped into the role of both mother and father.



The family’s life took a turn for the worse as they faced financial hardships. With no stable source of income, they were barely able to make ends meet. Safa, a resilient woman, has been doing everything in her power to provide for her children, but the burden has become overwhelming.


Despite the family’s challenging circumstances, Sama has shown an incredible passion for education. She currently attends Althawra school and is in the fourth grade. Education is Sama’s beacon of hope, and she dreams of a better future where she can break the cycle of poverty.




Sama Mukhtar Ahmad Ghalib’s story is one of resilience, hope, and the unwavering spirit of a young girl determined to overcome adversity. By supporting her through crowdfunding, you can become a beacon of hope in her life, helping her pursue her dreams and escape the clutches of poverty.



Let’s come together as a community and make a difference in Sama’s life. Your contributions, no matter how small, will have a lasting impact on this courageous young orphan. Together, we can empower her to build a brighter future.


Join us in making a positive change in Sama’s life and give her the opportunities she deserves. Donate today, and be a part of her inspiring journey towards a better tomorrow.



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