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In the heart of Kyete Mayuge, Uganda, a young boy named Shafiq Mudasi is facing immense challenges. At just 13 years old, he has already had to confront the harsh realities of life that most of us cannot even fathom. Shafiq is an orphan who lost his father, Ibrahimo Mudhasi, in a tragic accident on August 21, 2023. Now, his mother, Fatuma Nekesa, is struggling to provide for Shafiq and his five siblings on her own.




Shafiq was born on February 7, 2010, and he is a bright and determined young boy. Despite the hardships that life has thrown at him, he is focused on his education and attends Alban Islamic Primary School. Shafiq is currently in primary six, and he dreams of becoming a doctor one day. His resilience and dedication are truly remarkable, but the weight of his family’s financial struggles has cast a shadow over his dreams.



Shafiq’s mother, Fatuma Nekesa, is the sole guardian of Shafiq and his four siblings. She is doing her best to provide for her family, but it’s a constant struggle. The loss of his father has left a void in their lives, both emotionally and financially. Shafiq’s mother, Fatuma Nekesa, is determined to provide the best she can for her children, but she can’t do it alone.




We are reaching out to you, kind-hearted individuals, to help Shafiq and his family through this challenging period. Your support will provide them with the stability they desperately need to continue Shafiq’s education, put food on the table, and ensure they have the basic necessities of life. Your contribution can help break the cycle of poverty and give Shafiq the opportunity to fulfill his dreams.



Join us in making a difference in Shafiq’s life and help him realize his dream of becoming a doctor. Your kindness and generosity can change the trajectory of this young boy’s life and create a story of hope and resilience.


Please donate today and be a part of Shafiq’s journey to a brighter future. Together, we can make a real difference in this young orphan’s life. Thank you for your support and compassion.




Norhaya Mohd Razali

6 months ago

Please feedback me the progress of brother Shafiq from time to time ya

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