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In the heart of the Rohingya Refugee camp in Kotupalong, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, a resilient young girl named Tofika Bibi is striving against all odds to build a brighter future for herself. Born on 1st January 2013, Tofika has already faced more challenges in her short life than most can imagine. With your support, we can help her overcome these hurdles and give her the chance to pursue an education that will transform her life.



Tofika Bibi was born into a family of seven, with five siblings, in the midst of challenging circumstances. Her father, Roshid Ahmad, was the sole breadwinner of the family. However, tragedy struck on 17th July 2021 when he succumbed to a heart disease, leaving the family devastated. His untimely demise not only shattered their emotional world but also left them in dire financial straits. Tofika’s mother, Khaleda Begom, became the sole guardian of her six children, struggling to provide for their basic needs.


Despite the adversities, Tofika’s indomitable spirit has led her to continue her education. Currently in Grade 2, she dreams of becoming a teacher one day, determined to make a difference in the world. Education is her escape from the harsh realities of the refugee camp and a ray of hope for a better future.


Tofika’s family relies primarily on aid provided by organizations like UNHCR to meet their basic necessities and there is no cash income for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh camp, the UNHCR give them rations which is equal to RM22. Additionally, school supplies, clothes, and healthcare costs are ongoing financial burdens for this family.



We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and offering children like Tofika a chance for a brighter future. We envision a world where Tofika can pursue her dreams, overcome adversity, and become a beacon of hope not just for her family, but for her entire community.


Every donation, big or small, brings us one step closer to securing Tofika’s education and future. Your kindness and generosity will not only impact her life but also inspire hope within her community.




Join us in empowering Tofika Bibi on her journey from orphanhood to education. Let’s come together to shape a brighter tomorrow for this resilient young girl and countless others like her in refugee camps worldwide.


Together, we can rewrite her story and provide her with the tools to achieve her dreams. Thank you for your support and belief in the power of education to change lives.




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